Tana Hasart
Tana Hasart

A Year to Remember

by: Tana Hasart – President

This morning saw clear skies, high winds, and an opportunity to observe. Birds outside the window caught my attention as they used feeders to prepare for the cold, rainy weather. There is a definite “pecking order” (pun intended) to their frenzy. The finches, wrens, and one downy woodpecker come first, eager for seeds. They are startled by the red-winged blackbirds, a flock of six, who are then displaced by a pair of bluebirds who are not prepared to share. Lastly noted is the hummingbird, which has a dedicated feeder and watches while not competing with others.

All these activities remind me of the accomplishments of the MGFWS this year. Our goals remained constant. Great strides in beginning job description updates, board best-practice training, the Unified Foundation Website Project, and a successful Advanced Education Conference (AEC) are on the checked box side of the list. A continued focus on Executive Committee recruitment, a financially sustainable model for the AEC, and updates to foundation documents is work still underway.

On reflection, the most critical accomplishments may be not projects but behaviors. We worked hard to communicate accurate and helpful information, equalize access to projects for all our chapters regardless of size or location, and model collaboration.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the incredible opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, knowledgeable MGs, both on the board and across the state, who support learning and progress. I wish each of you the time to reflect on this year, plan for the next, and revel in your important work. You make an incredible difference.

Best wishes for 2024 from the MGFWS!