Resources for Local Foundations

The resources found on this page are a combination of PDF documents and links to external websites. This information is intended to assist the local chapters with creation and operation of independent local foundations.

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Add your county plant sale and educational events to the calendar

Register your events for inclusion on the statewide calendar.

Compulsory or automatic membership is not allowed

Master Gardener membership in fundraising foundations is not automatic or compulsory and must be offered as an opt-in option. The following documents provide the basis for this statement and sample communications and applications which may be adopted by local chapter foundations.

Washington State Bar Association Non-Profit’s Reference Handbook

View or download this PDF version of this handbook. All nonprofits must be familiar with the guidelines and procedures within this handbook or risk loss of their nonprofit status.

Board of Directors Checklist of Essentials

Information for nonprofits and charities

Application for County Dependent Chapter Membership in the MGFWS

A county wishing to apply for dependent status with the MGFWS should download one of the following forms.

Contact Information Regarding Business Licensing, Registration and Renewal

  • Secretary of State Corporations Division
    801 Capitol Way South
    Olympia, WA 98501
    (360) 725-0377

Web-based Procedures for Checking the Status of a Master Gardener Organization

  • Check with the Washington Secretary of State:
    • Go to Corporations Division
    • Click on the link marked “Corporations Search”
    • Enter your organization’s official name or UBI in the search box and click “search”
    • Enter the name exactly as registered or search using only a portion of non-profit’s name, e.g. master gardener foundation.
  • Check with the Internal Revenue Service:
    • To learn about status as a 501(c)(3) organization, click here.

Insurance Information for Non-Profits

  • Consult with your local insurance professional about your needs and rates.

Unlicensed Raffles Information

Rules and Regulations Relating to Fundraising by Master Gardeners

Information Sharing Among Local Master Gardener Organizations

  • Local Master Gardener foundations, associations, etc., may be willing to share their forms, bylaws, policies, etc., with other foundations. See our Chapters page for a list of WSU Master Gardener Program and county foundation websites.


  • Listings of the Officers, Representatives, and Chapter Presidents:
    MGFWS Directory (password protected – contact Secretary for access)

Help for Website Management (plus Open Labs recordings)