Foundations provide funding

Powering our projects and educational opportunities

We engage in fund development opportunities designed to complement the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program and extend our reach in communities throughout Washington.

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The State Foundation

Our primary efforts support the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program and focus on furthering the education of our volunteers and members of the public and providing leadership for and communication of state-wide best practices.

The Advanced Education Conference (AEC)

The AEC is a multi-day annual event that takes place in the fall. It is open to the public and serves as advanced education for certified Master Gardener volunteers. It also serves as a way for Master Gardeners from across the state to gather, either in person or virtually, and share best practices from their Counties. Click here for more information on the upcoming Advanced Education Conference.

Recognizing Excellence

With over 4,000 volunteers throughout the state, Extension Master Gardeners do a lot of good in their communities, much of it without recognition. The State Foundations likes to acknowledge just some of our good works by sponsoring annual awards. The Ed LaCrosse Distinguished Service award, the Media Award and the Master Gardener of the Year are presented to volunteers and friends of the program who have demonstrated leadership in raising the profile of the Master
Gardener program in Washington.

Partnering with WSU

Since the creation of the Master Gardener Program, WSU Extension has been the leader in creating innovative programs to meet the needs of our communities and our volunteers. Our
Foundations partner with WSU to expand upon and accelerate Program development.

WSU is innovating again with what will be the nation’s first Endowed Faculty Chair. We are helping to raise funds to ensure that the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program has a permanent member of the faculty dedicated to furthering the mission of our program.

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Chapter Foundations

At the local Chapter level we develop and operate key events like plant sales, garden symposiums and other events to raise money.  Money raised helps to pay for key programs like plant clinics, community gardens, and demonstration gardens.

Plant Sales

Plant Sales are the primary methods we use to raise funds for the WSU Extension Master Gardener program in Washington counties. Every spring, throughout the state, Foundations partner with the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program volunteers to plant, pot and sell veggies, flowers, and shrubs that are well-suited to our local climates and communities. Some Chapters also run fall plant sales. The funds raised from these efforts help to pay for the many programs we deliver in your communities.

Local Conferences

Conferences provide unique educational opportunities. Offered in partnership with WSU Extension Master Gardener Program volunteers by some Chapters, these conferences provide valuable gardening information for Extension Master Gardeners and the public alike. Because they are local, these conferences reach more members of the public to further our teachings. They also serve as an important funding source for our programs.


We gladly accept donations. Programs like Answer Clinics, Speakers’ Bureaus and Demonstration Gardens deliver top-notch gardening information for free. If you find value in these and other gardening related activities, we will gladly accept your contribution to help us increase the impact our efforts have in the community. Learn how to support your local Extension Master Gardener Program.