Tana Hasart

Harvesting Our Talents

by: Tana Hasart – President:

Anyone who works with gardeners knows the winter months are always busy, and February 2023 certainly proves that to be true. Last week we celebrated the success realized at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival booth, sponsored through a partnership between the MGFWS and several Washington foundation chapters. Our public outreach demonstrated just how effective we can be when we work together to accomplish a common goal. Many visitors served were themselves master gardeners, while others expressed interest in MG training. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary was a strong theme in seeking support for the Endowed Chair Campaign – and attendees responded very positively!

Many people deserve thanks for their contributions – Gary Scheider, Cecilia McGowan, Debbie Benbow, Jennifer Marquis, and numerous volunteers who staged and staffed the booth. Our partners in the King County MG booth, located nearby, worked in tandem with us to answer gardening questions. So, MGs, pat yourselves on the back – creative ideas, common goals, dedicated people, and shared resources lead to meaningful accomplishments and successful projects.