Tana Hasart

May is full of promises

by: Tana Hasart – President

Taking license with song lyrics from the musical Oklahoma, this update from the MGFWS is all about spring success.

The UFW project is moving forward, with five counties now nearing completion or ready to begin website development. Paired with this effort will be MGFWS exploration of potential uniform document storage and email configuration for MG and Chapter business (e.g., clinics.king@). The commitment of your state foundation, combined with the skills and talents of Mike Peronto, John Strong, Craig Lawrence, and Debbie Benbow, demonstrate the power of collaborative partnerships.

AEC registration is now “live”, so sign up soon to have the best choices for workshops and activities. With a strong group of speakers, fun tours, a great auction, and time for cross-county sharing, this will be a conference you don’t want to miss. And, if you have ideas about sponsors who will lend financial support, please contact Don Enstrom or Gilbert Plascencia. Oh…and did I mention BIRTHDAY PARTY?

In recent weeks, the opportunity to visit programs in Yakima and Clark counties provided insights into best practices and ideas about plant sale practices. Conversations with Spokane, Snohomish, and Grays Harbor/Pacific added to my knowledge bank. Reports from across the state confirm that this will be a record years for plant and other fundraising efforts. Well done to so many MGs who work tirelessly on these efforts.

When thinking about interactions between Master Gardeners and the public, it becomes clear that our conversations often focus on hope and patience. As gardeners, whether new or seasoned, we reflect hope that our work will result in positive and rewarding outcomes. Realizing those outcomes take patience and persistence. Resulting success is seeing our efforts turn into a satisfying harvest – whether that pertain to plants, projects, or relationships.

May hope and patience guide you this month.