Tana Hasart

An introduction and look forward

by: Tana Hasart – President:

Writing this message is like writing the first paragraph in a novel – ideas that need shaping, paired with an unknown end result. Here is an introduction, a look back, and a look forward.

Aside from being the new MGFWS President, I am a Pierce County Master Gardener, military spouse, mother, grandmother, and higher education professional. Each attribute, as well as growing up in what would now be called a poor family, shapes my values and perspectives.

Our organization is strong because of significant contributions in the past. From board members to officers and partners, from early leaders and faculty to our most recent officers and president Don Enstrom, the MGFWS is viable because of your service and support. Thank you for creating opportunities for the MGFWS to grow and flourish.

This year see us engaging in work on your behalf. The 50th Anniversary of our Master Gardener Program is a time to reflect, celebrate, and strengthen support for chapters and counties. The 2023 Annual Education Conference, scheduled in Tacoma, provides an opportunity to gather, learn, and share best practices. A successful Endowed Chair Campaign ensures our organization lives out its mission into the future.

So, what will you see as a focus for this year? My first priority is to listen at the local and regional level. Also “in the works” is adoption of MGFWS annual goals – a first draft to be shared with the Board in February, then with state MGs.

Our focus as officers is to ensure we are a fiscal and best practice resource for you. I ask that you think about how you can inform, support, and strengthen your state foundation. Together we can make 2023 the most incredible year ever!