Tana Hasart

There are so many ways to move and engage in change!

by: Tana Hasart – President

Relocating to a new-to-us home this year saw appreciation for the renovation work done on our house four years ago, while realizing that the outdoors was a huge challenge. Overgrown beds, mis-pruned trees and shrubs, and poor plant placement were minor compared to inheriting red lava rock that covered every previously tilled surface. Luckily, we consider trips to the landfill to be a form of social bonding.

So how on earth does that description link to the MGFWS? There is a strong, stable base from which our work proceeds. Major changes in the external environment provide an opportunity to build, accompanied by the need to do so with respect and care. The Executive Team is engaging in a review to determine how we can strengthen services to Foundation Chapters across the state, while being aware of the changing landscape within which this work needs to be done. The MGFWS Board, local foundation presidents, and program coordinators are providing input that guides us. Their input not only highlights the need for the MGFWS to be intentional about board training, adopting innovative models for the AEC, and helping to highlight best practices, but also asks that we be clearer about our purpose and the value we add.

Every bit of feedback is appreciated. Every comment is read. Every idea receives careful consideration. We are committed to supporting the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program and Foundation Chapters across the state. So, watch for updates, starting with the information offered at the Advanced Education Conference. And know that I am incredibly grateful that no one used red lava rock when building this incredible organization!